Jom! Spoil yourself with Healthy Burritos at MEZCLA!

Jom! Spoil yourself with Healthy Burritos at MEZCLA!

It’s our ‘Jom’ Program again! If you don’t know what is this, read the previous article >>here<<

Working, regardless of which industry or what kind of position, has never been easy. All of us have stressful times. Because of this, it’s very hard to keep ourselves healthy and balanced. When we are stressed and tired, we tend to seek for comfort food. A bowlful of cheesy mashed potato, a brownie topped with ice cream, lots of French fries, crispy fried bacon, etc. You felt pampered when you swallowed all these foods down, but your body didn’t feel the same.

What your body needs, is a balanced and healthy diet. However, healthy food normally fails to satisfy our psychological hunger. How pathetic it is to suffer from this kind of dilemma!

Fortunately, the co-owners of MEZCLA understand our pain. Thus, they decided to provide everyone with a healthier option to spoil yourself!

Mezcla’ means ‘mixture’ in Spanish. Mezcla is a vibrant food bar located in Subang Jaya that serves healthy yet delicious Mexican style burritos and tacos. Why is it called Mezcla? It is because Mexican food is a mixture of lots of ingredients from vegie to herbs, meats, oils, and grains. Mezcla’s foods are perfect blended mixtures that bring a fiesta into your mouth!

Let’s see how Mezcla is born! Jom!

The chef cum co-owner, Sean is a passionate cook. After finished his study about culinary art from Taylor’s College, he started to cook in cafés, restaurants, and hotels. With a lot of experiences and his own instinct, at the age of 28, Sean decided to quit his job to create his own brand together with three supportive friends. The four young men started their own food business with zero experience of business management. When we asked Sean, “Why are you so gung-ho?” He smiled and said, “I’m confident with my food.”

I understand where his confidence comes from. Mezcla’s foods are so delicious! Though I always have a thing for tortilla, I have never been so addicted to any Mexican food (in fact, any food) before. After we discovered Mezcla from foodpanda, every week I must order their food at least once. This is because their food has the same satisfying effect as comfort food, but it never makes me feel guilty after eating. When I finally got to visit their shop in Subang Business Centre, I found that dining in the shop is even better because there are more options and the price is slightly cheaper. And I love the clean and vibrant environment!

Are you curious about what exactly are the foods Mezcla conveys? Jom have a look!

The main offering is the burritos. If you enjoy holding your food, you can have the classic burrito wrapped in a tortilla. If you are obsessed with using cutlery or you love bibimbap, you can try the burrito bowl. The regular burritos are filled with coriander rice, pinto beans, tomato salsa, dressed with their signature jalapeno sauce, sour cream and guacamole, and finished with freshly shredded cheese and Romain lettuce, with your choice of protein. You can choose between grilled chicken, beef steak, braised lamb and chilli garlic shrimp. They also provide their special Pan Seared Tofu for vegans! Moreover, Mezcla’s foods are pork-free.

If you are suffering because you want to try more than one, you can opt for the ‘Mix It Up’ which you can choose every ingredient by your own and you get to choose 2 proteins! I highly recommend “Mix It Up” for people who take lamb or beef because, with just RM1 add-on, you get to upgrade and customize your burritos according to your preference. Tips for first-timer, you must try the Mango Salsa! Everything is nice but Mango Salsa is fantastic and uncompetable! I’m not a mango fan, but I really love how the Mango Salsa makes my burrito tastier!

Besides the filling burritos, Mezcla also provides some lighter options like the quesadillas and tacos. The options of meats are same as the burritos, but each meat comes with the dressings and sauces that suit it the most. For example, the Braised Lamb Quesadilla is matched with the minty Chimichurri sauce and feta cheese that enhance the taste of the lamb.

You must be wondering, are these really healthy?

Almost every sauce and topping are handcrafted by Sean so we are sure that every ingredient is safe to consume. For addition, they try to keep every food they serve as a balanced diet. No matter burritos or tacos, the ratio of nutrition is balanced. You can have carbs, protein, fats, minerals and vitamins in every order. All the foods here are also less oily and less salty compared to other similar cuisines. Therefore, it is healthy! Unless you eat too much at one time.

When we asked Sean what’s his worry, he shared with us that actually there are not many people aware of Mezcla yet, and some visitors left without ordering probably because they not confident to try new foods. If you are going to visit Mezcla any time after reading this article, please don’t shy to ask the staffs for recommendations. Each of them understands all the foods very well, they can assist you to choose something that fit your taste. If you’re bold enough, just try to mix everything that you like, the food will surprise you (in a good way)!

I have tried a lot of burritos and quesadillas from other restaurants including some famous chained restaurants. I admit that their tastes are all similar because they use similar ingredients like sour cream, tomato salsa, cheese, etc. Mezcla’s foods do have the typical flavour of Mexican dishes, but they are more than that. Perhaps it’s the gung-ho spirit of the chef that makes them unique!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s spoil yourself with Mezcla’s foods!

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