Are 30s the New 20s?

Are 30s the New 20s?

When do adulthood starts?

Traditionally, we believe that the biological and social adulthood starts at around 19. However, things have changed so much in the developed world. For more than two decades, the puberty has begun earlier while the ‘adulthood’ is coming later.

No doubts kids are growing faster nowadays, resulted in the improved diets and overall health. A ‘thirteen’ can somehow look like a ‘nineteen’. The ways teenagers dress-up are also getting more mature than those days. However, the adoption of adult roles and responsibilities generally occurs later.

20 years ago (and also the earlier generations), young adults at their early 20s started to take full responsibilities of themselves and often had to support the family especially their younger siblings. In addition, most of them also started the family in their mid-20s.

Today, many young people in their mid-20s still remain in the education system. Even after they finished the study, many of them would rather take one or two years for ‘exploration’ than immediately jump into the serious career life. Some people will go for working holidays in foreign countries, some people will work part-time while figuring ‘what’s next’.

Last week when I was filing my personal income tax at the LHDN for the first time (I’m 24), in the same queueing lane for first-timers, I chatted with some people, they are all elder than me. One at his 27, another two at their 31.

I noticed people are not only getting married later, they also finding steady jobs later, not opening EPF or paying tax until they’re older, and more.

Here comes the mindset of the ‘30s are the new 20s’. Some people started to wait until their 30s to start getting serious about life.

To be fair, it is great to take some time to figure out what we really want out of life instead of rushing to work whichever jobs that being offered and trying to get married before 30. By spending some time to explore your real goals in life can avoid being stuck in a wrong career. Besides, not pressuring yourself to get married at a younger age can eliminate the chances of choosing a wrong partner.

However, don’t let the ‘30s are the new 20s’ becomes your excuse to fool around. If you throw away your 20s as a time to party or hibernate, a few years later when you want to take things seriously, employers will question about your ‘missing years’ and start judging you. Believe me, you won’t feel great.

We understand many fresh grads will be clueless about what is the best choice of career or maybe demotivated after being rejected by some interviewers. The next part of this article, we are sharing you some useful tips that no one shares with you before. Please share it with all the ‘20somethings’ that you care about.

#1 Study the Journeys of Successful People

Who are the people that you think they are successful? How do they make it until today? Analyse how each part of their journeys helps them to achieve success. See how they started to lay the groundwork and you will get some ideas of the things that you can start doing.

You might not certainly end up like the people that you look up to, but if you choose your first steps after analyzing people’s journeys, your choice is mindful. You’ll definitely gain the experiences and exposures that you desired.

#2 Don’t Stop Learning

Your certifications are only helpful for the first few years after leaving school. After that, your results and skills speak. Therefore, you cannot stop learning new skills or polish your existing skills. Please note that nowadays, well-to-do startups filter their candidates with tests that examine the fundamental skills related to their expertise. Even if you have a wonderful education background and ideal working experiences, you’re out once you failed the test.

Therefore, always sharpen your skills if you are serious about building your career.

#3 Don’t Waste Time on the Wrong Things

Picture your future. What kind of career and relationship that you want in your 30s and the rest in your life? Don’t stick to a random job that won’t help to build your future. Stop dating random guys/girls that you can’t picture he/she in your future.

We often listen people complaining “This is not the life I wanted.” So, don’t stay with the wrong company or wrong partner when you still have plenty choices. Don’t tell yourself “It’s okay. I’m still young. This is just temporary.” Nothing is temporary if you never make a stop.

Live Your Life to the Fullest

Everyone has a personal timezone. Some people married young, some people choose not to get married but still live a happy life. Some people have a very smooth career, some people have a tough career in the beginning but have become millionaires when they are older.

Hence, no need to panic if you’re not achieving the typical milestones. But, don’t throw away a decade of your life just because people tell the ‘30s are the new 20s’.

“To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions.” —— Steve Jobs

Don’t just think about the perfect plan for your future but miss the golden years to execute your plan.

We hope everyone has a perfect future. Let’s become top-notch together with TopNotch!

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