5 Promises to a Greater Malaysia

5 Promises to a Greater Malaysia

Salam sejahtera to all Malaysians. Last week was probably the most active week for every Malaysian on social media. Many of us stay up late to watch live videos from politicians and the mass media, to ensure we get the first-hand news about the GE-14 and the formation of the new government.

Despite the election was held on a weekday, an estimated 76 percent of voters had practised their rights and voted for their preferred candidates. On that day, we could see a lot of Malaysians regardless age and gender queued for hours under the big hot sun, only to send the precious votes into the box. Prior to the polling day, people started to go back to their hometown from their workplace or college in other state or country. Young or old, rich or poor, all Malaysians have to go all out to ensure themselves and the people around them cherish the democratic right to vote.

It is very happy for us to witness the change of power between two governments happened peacefully. Much alike as the Malayan Independence back in 1957, it was achieved without wars or bleedings. Instead, with a peaceful and democratic way, by showing the power of people.

No matter you’re supporting which party or politicians, you must not be unfamiliar with the 10 Promises that Pakatan Harapan is going to implement within the first 100 days.

If you not sure what are the 10 Promises, please take a few minutes to study it now. As a responsible citizen, we should understand fully about each party’s manifesto before the polling day. A manifesto of a candidate or a party is like their cover letter. Imagine you’re the boss and they’re applying the vacant position to serve for you. How are you going to justify their performance if you never studied their cover letters?

Moving forward, every one of us is watching for the new government to fulfil the 10 Promises to make Malaysia a better country. However, to make the country better, that is not enough. Apparently, we as the rakyat will also have to make some changes to bring the entire nation up!

TopNotch has prepared 5 things that everyone in Malaysia should start doing or continue doing to make our country a better place:

#1 Be a Civilized Netizen

The power of internet shouldn’t be neglected. Everything that we post or share online can be viewed by almost anyone on the Earth. Therefore, be mindful of the information and words that you read and share online.

Fact checking is ultimately important when we are sharing an article or a video on social media platform, especially when it’s related to sensitive topics. The Prime Minister has stated that “action” would be taken if false news was disseminated with the intention to cause chaos.

Besides, avoid posting comments or articles that spread hate. As we are living in a democratic country, everyone has the freedom of speech, however, don’t misuse the power to create an unhappy situation. We can criticize but don’t humiliate or bully anyone.

In the world of internet, there are no boundaries between countries. People from different countries can speak together, everyone can be a representative of the country on social media. Be a polite and wise netizen, avoid vulgar words, think thrice before type. Speak the way how you want people to perceive Malaysians.

#2 Stop Bribing

One of our new government’s goals is to achieve a corruption-free nation. Therefore, if you or anyone you know have been giving ‘duit kopi’ to any officer to smoothen some processes, stop doing that. This is the least that we can do for the country. Please obey the rules and laws, follow the black and white to conduct everything.

This is not only applicable when dealing with the government officers but also application in schools and workplaces. For example, do not bribe your manager by sending luxury gifts or money to ensure a promotion. Let’s bring back the practices of ‘Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah’ (Clean, Efficient and Trustworthy) to the nation!

#3 Be Considerate to One Another

A country can only grow when everyone is not selfish anymore. To achieve that, here are some simple but essential things that we should always remind ourselves to do:

1. Wait until the occupant exit first before entering (lift and public transports)
2. While driving, turn on the signal before changing lanes. Avoid changing lanes if it’s not necessarily.
3. While eating at fast-food joints or food courts, clear your own table once you’re done eating. Leave a clean table to the next person.
4. Give your seat to the needy. (public transports, the waiting zone in bank or government department)
5. Don’t occupy the disabled parking space if you’re physically-abled.
6. Hold the door for the person coming behind you. (Especially when the door is heavy!)
7. Keep the toilet clean after using it! (The condition of public toilets is the best reflection of the civilization level of a nation.)
8. Don’t vandalize.
9. Don’t shout at any workers in the service sector. (waiter, customer service agent, jockey, etc.)
10. Be punctual. Don’t waste others’ time by showing up late. ‘Malaysian Timing’ is not a fun excuse.

Please treat others the way you want them to treat you. Always keep in mind, the world does not revolve around any particular person. We born equal, so, treat everyone equally good.

#4 Care More

Please care more about what’s going on around you. For example, when you’re taking a GrabCar, please talk to the driver to understand how things are going on. Talk to the teenagers in your family to understand more about the transformation of the education system. Talk to entrepreneurs to understand the current market.

Why should we ke-poh (pry)? Because this is the most direct way for us to obtain real-life data to justify the truth so that no one can mislead you with wrong information. This is the best way to strike frauds and lies. Obviously, everyone will live happier and safer in a country that frees from lies and frauds.

Besides, by understanding what’s going on in the real life, you can also point out valid problems and suggest workable solutions to your district representative. It’s not a responsibility for only one person or one party to improve the condition of a district or the whole country. Everyone shares the responsibility.

#5 Support Local Businesses

We expect the new government to work hard to improve our country. We should also do the same thing! Let’s work hard and work smart, earn more money so that you can spend more money to stimulate the economy.

Support local brands, eat at local restaurants, travel within Malaysia. These are not new strategies but they are totally useful tactics to bring up the economy of the country. At the end of the day, we spend money. Why don’t spend it on our local businesses?


Let’s be united and bring hopes to the whole nation. The government is giving us 10 Promises, why don’t we give ourselves 5 Promises as well? Started by yourself, then motivate the people around you and you’ll see the changes!

Malaysia Boleh!

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