5 Unusual Jobs That You Don’t Even Think Existed

5 Unusual Jobs That You Don’t Even Think Existed

We believe everyone Malaysian can’t wait to know the outcome of our coming election. Therefore, today we’re going to talk about a fun topic to release your tension. Let’s follow us to discover these 5 unusual jobs that most of us may not even think existed!

#1 Fortune Cookie Writer

If you had watched some American films or tv shows, you probably have people crack open a fortune cookie that contains a strange message from the universe or a wise piece of advice. Do you know there are actually real people writing the messages in fortune cookies?

The largest manufacturer of fortune cookies, Wonton Food Company (a Chinese-American company) revealed that most of the fortunes are written by their CFO, Donald Lau since 1980s.

Growing up in Asia, fortune cookie has never been in our life. However, it plays a big part in the American-Asians culture. The humorous and sometimes inspiring messages have created a demand for fortune cookies in the West.

Do you have good copywriting skill? Maybe your words can create a great impact on the economy one day.

#2 Professional Cuddler

In Malaysia, when we stressed out and felt the parts of our body aching, we go for a foot massage, facial, spa or a whole-body massage. However, in the U.S., there is an alternative option called Cuddling Therapy.

This is where you go to a therapist, which is a total stranger, then hug each other to chase away all your physical and mental negativities.

Would you like to be paid for cuddling with a stranger?

#3 Train Pusher

Have you ridden a train during peak hours? No matter how mad it is, it will never be as mad the trains in Kyoto!

Therefore, there is a highly in-demand profession, which is the Train Pusher a.k.a. Oshiya. Their role is to squeeze the crowds toward the cabins.

If given a chance, would you like to be a Train Pusher?

#4 Panda Nanny

In contrast with the Train Pusher, Panda Nanny sounds like a very joyful career!

Panda is called the ‘National Treasure’ by China. China often uses pandas as diplomatic gifts to other countries. This practice existed as far back as the Tang Dynasty when Empress Wu Zetian sent a pair of pandas to the Japanese. Nothing is better than sending the happiness generated by the cute bears to other countries as a friendly gesture.

To ensure the welfare of these cute little ambassadors, the Giant Panda Protection & Research Center actually hire full-time nannies to play and hug with the pandas all days.

This must be an ideal job for all the animal lovers!

#5 Professional Sleeper

Do you struggle to get off your bed in the morning before work? Have you imagined sleeping can be a job?

In Finland, Hotel Finn actually hires professional sleeper to test the comfort of their hotel rooms. The sleeper is required to spend 35 days in 35 different rooms and blog about their daily experience of living. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect working holiday?

Besides the hotel, scientists and doctors also hire professional sleepers to study the mysteries behind numerous sleep disorders. The sleepers are paid to participate in sleep research projects at hospitals and labs.

Opportunities are Everywhere

The reason we share this information is that it shows us opportunities are everywhere. Always seize the gap!

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