5 Tips to Bounce Back to Work After Holidays

5 Tips to Bounce Back to Work After Holidays

The CNY holidays has started last Friday, some people might extend the holidays for few more days. Holidays are always wonderful as we can spend quality times with family, visit relatives or go travelling. However, your immune system may become weaker because of skipping workouts, overeating, dehydrating, and you’re exposed to all the germs at crowded tourist attractions!
There are a lot of pending works waiting for you after the holidays, you know you couldn’t be ill now. We have prepared some tips for you to get back to work healthily and lively after the great holidays!

#1 Drink lots of water.

The most common problem we might face after CNY is getting a sore throat. Eating salty snacks, drinking soft drinks and alcohols and travelling under the big hot sun can leave you dehydrated. While enjoying the holidays, remember to drink clean water. Carry around a water bottle and refill your water whenever you can. While travelling, you should consume clean bottled water to kill your thirst, not by eating ice cream which makes thing worse. If you’re a frequent traveller, consider investing in a water bottle with a built-in filter. By using that, you will get to drink clean water wherever you go.

#2 Start your day with a green smoothie.

Admit the truth that most of the foods that you will be eating during the holidays are unhealthy. So, start your day with a green smoothie can boost up your intake of vitamins, fibres and minerals. Furthermore, the fibres can help improve your digestion, it can help your body to detox, minimizing the effects of unhealthy food on your body.

#3 Give yourself some me time.

Catching up with relatives or squeezing in crowds might make you feel depleted. Treat yourself to a warm bath or do something you like without any distractions. By doing this can help you to build resilience and decrease stress. Being happier, you have more energy and intentional focus on the works you want to get done, thus, you can back to work being more productive.

#4 Getting enough sleep before going back to work.

A successful and productive week starts with being well rested. However, you might find it hard to sleep after all the excitements during the holidays. According to experts, start “winding down” a few hours before going to bed can promote a good night’s sleep. This means no alcohol after dinner, because it will disturb your REM sleep, and no binge-watch right before bed since the blue light from devices suppresses melatonin, which will cause you to stay awake longer.

#5 Expose yourself to bright light.

Your regular sleep/wake cycle might be disrupted after the holidays, you might experience the “social jet lag”. Our body naturally feels the urge to wake up under the sun. Therefore, getting bright light early in the morning can help your body to wake up fully. You can take a walk in the morning, or waking up in a bright room. You will have more energy throughout the day.

We hope you’ve enjoyed some good times with your loved ones during the holidays. Now, let’s bounce back together! Don’t immerse yourself in the ‘Monday Blues’. It’s time for you to work hard again before the next holidays. Aja Aja Fighting!

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