5 Tips To Be the Top Performer of the Year

5 Tips To Be the Top Performer of the Year

In a blink of an eye, January is over. It was like we were still celebrating Christmas yesterday, now it’s February.Everyone has your vision and targets to achieve in 2018. Today, we are going to discuss your work-related targets. Regardless you’re an intern, normal employee, or even a business owner, you need to set some KPIs for yourself to achieve better results in 2018. I believe you have thought and planned your KPIs before the new year. Now, it’s the time for you to implement your vision and execute your plans!

We want you to be top-notch in your career throughout the whole year. Today, we are sharing you some tips and tools to support you in achieving your best working results!

#1 Beat Overwhelm!

We love to set high goals to motivate ourselves. However, things can go overwhelmed and ended up haywire.

Solution: Let’s break it down into baby steps!

From your annual KPIs, break into quarter KPIs, then into monthly, weekly. Convert your abstract goals into actionable tasks.

#2 Track your Works

You are just building your castle in the air if you never execute your plans. Therefore, it’s important to keep track on what you’ve done. To do so, you need to keep a To Do List.

Again, I wouldn’t judge if you want to do it the old school way. We are also not encouraging you to spend money because you can do just the same things with Spreadsheet, Google Calendar and Google Keep that are totally FOC. We just want to share you guys some great tools that we have came across.


This is a great tool for you to keep track on your tasks. It will remind you to complete your works before the due, categorized your tasks based on their priority levels and it syncs with all your devices and works even when you’re offline. So, no more forgetting things!

#3 Set Realistic Deadlines

Deadlines are important. However, not everyone is good at meeting deadlines. If you are facing this problem, here are some tips that you should remember before promise a deadline:

– Get organised – plan ahead and create a step by step plan
– Avoid procrastinating – try and remove any other distractions that might get in your way
– Ask for help if the deadline can’t be changed

Be transparent to your team members and stakeholders when you’re having problems to deliver tasks on time.

#4 Be a Good Team Player

If you want to accomplish great achievement, it often needs combine efforts from your team members. Therefore, it is important to work seamlessly with your colleagues. The weekly meeting is important to ensure everyone in the team is on the same page. Here are some tools to promote better communication in the office:

i done this

i done this is a well-known tool that can promote a more productive working environment. It prompts users to reply an email in the evening on every working day to briefly record what have they accomplished in that day. Then, the next morning every user will receive a report about the progression of the team. It is a great management tool because it helps to save time on checking each member’s progression.


Slack is by far the best collaboration tool that I’ve used before. You and your team members can use the app to do general discussions, set up pools, share files, etc. The chat threads can be organized based on their purposes into different channels. For instance, you can initiate a new channel for the latest project, and another one to discuss the company retreat program. So, the information wouldn’t mix up.

#5 Focus on your Goals, not your Tasks.

I did mention that we should break goals into small tasks and execute them. However, when you’re busying on your works, don’t forget about what are you actually targeting. Constantly check that are you on the right track to achieving your goals. Restrategize your plans when there is something not right. Sometimes, you can cut down some unnecessary tasks when they are not relevant to your goals.

Work hard, work smart, don’t work blindly!

A simple step like writing down all your goals on a board on your desk or make them as your screensaver will help to remind you what you’ve promised to achieve.

Let’s become top-notch together with TopNotch!

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